For Students

Become a Lumerit Scholar and discover the most cost-effective, convenient and effective way to complete your bachelor’s degree. The Lumerit Scholar program places the student in the driver’s seat by providing access to a Central Registrar's Office where you can construct  your degree plan and graduate from the college of your choice, faster, at significantly lower cost and without debt.

Join the more than 14,000 Lumerit Scholars from all 50 states and 23 countries who have received degree plans for more than 500 colleges and universities.  

For Employers

A case study by Lumerit Education™ found that 87% of working adults who accessed Tuition Assistance Programs (TAP)  spent more time and money than necessary to complete their degree.  For many students it meant spending tens of thousands of dollars more; while corporations potentially spent tens of millions more  on higher education costs.

Find out why major corporations have added the Lumerit Scholar program to transform their TAP while enhancing employee development.


For Colleges

Learning Solutions, a division of Lumerit Education, provides a digital delivery platform for colleges and universities, allowing access to a global digital library. The Lumerit Education Academic Network (LEAN) provides institutions with the ability to offer turn-key online academic content under their own brand, completely facilitated by faculty, with course assessments mapped to learning outcomes.

The LEAN platform allows colleges to access the global library to  offer any course, at any time, for any length and with no minimum enrollment.