Lumerit Education has served more than 14,000 students who have have been mapped to more than 500 colleges and universities for degree completion. Typically Lumerit Scholars will transfer on average between 45 to 90  credits, matriculating as a Junior or Senior for final degree completion. All degrees are awarded by regionally accredited colleges and universities.

Transfer students have become the largest segment of the new enrollment market. Today 75% of all college graduates will attend at least two or more colleges prior to graduation.  The Central Registrar's Office  specializes in constructing forward course progression plans, allowing students  to have the world as their class room - the result is faster graduation, lower costs and significantly greater flexibility.

Students have rewarded Lumerit Education (66) and our Central Registrar's Office (80) with world class net promoter scores which places the company  among the highest corporate brand loyalty rankings -  Apple (66) NORDSTROM (75),  USAA (80), COSTCO (66) and (66).  



"I am a Lumerit Scholar and will be graduating from:"

Arizona State University
Arizonia Christian University
Art Institute of Pittsburgh
Ball State University
Berklee College of Music
Biola University
California State University
Cleveland State University
Colorado School of Mines
Colorado State University
Delaware State University
East Carolina University
Eastern Michigan                    University
Florida College
Florida State University
Geneva College
Grand Valley State                  University
Harding University
 Hope College
Huntington College of             Health
Huntington University
Houston Baptist University
Idaho State University
Indiana Wesleyan                   University

Liberty University
Michigan State University
Montana Tech
North Dakota State                University
Northern Illinois University
Northwestern College
Ohio State University
Oklahoma Christian                University
Old Dominion University
Pennsylvania State                University
Purdue University
Regent University
Savannah College of Art        and Design
Seattle Pacific University
Simpson University
Southeastern University
Southern Polytechnic            State University
State University of New        York
Texas A&M University
Texas Christian University
Texas Tech University
Thomas Edison State            University

Troy University
University of Alabama
University of Alaska
University of Arkansas
University of California
University of Colorado
University of Maine
University of Maryland
University of Missouri
University of Montana
University of New England
University of North                Carolina
University of North Dakota SEM
University of Oklahoma
University of Oregon
University of Rhode Island
University of Southern          California
University of St. Thomas
University of Texas
Virginia Tech
Waldorf University

Graduate Schools Acceptance Rates 

94% of Lumerit Scholars are accepted into their first school of choice when applying to graduate school. Find out how Lumerit’s undergraduate research, study abroad, and professional study programs can distinguish you with graduate schools and employers.   

Brittany S.—B.A., History | A Lumerit success story: with her undergraduate degree in hand, Brittany applied and was accepted into Georgetown University’s Law School and University of Virginia master’s program in government before accepting a scholarship to attend Law school at the College of William & Mary. 

“If I had gone the traditional path for college, I would have wasted a lot of time. By choosing Lumerit, I had the flexibility to pursue my education at my own pace and ability without the limitations of sitting in a class.”


Laurelen W.—B.A., Music | Laurelen knew where she was headed in life. After graduating with her bachelor’s degree she went to Butler University for her master’s on a scholarship and also passed the Indiana state teacher's exam. She is now living her dream teaching in a private school in Indianapolis.

“As far as workload, class level, and the amount of knowledge I received while getting my undergrad, Lumerit did a phenomenal job preparing me to handle the academic rigor of graduate school.”