Where Students Find Community

After enrollment, Lumerit Scholars are invited to join one of our learning communities. Through a combination of private online community groups, scheduled events and local chapters, students are connected with each other for networking, study projects, and peer to peer support. Each learning community has its own mission, goals, objectives, and requirements.    

 Lumerit Scholar Learning Communities:

  1. Fast Track  

  2. Unbound

  3. Global (Launching mid 2017)

  4. STEM  (Launching mid 2017)

We are all Educators

Learning communities ignite a commitment to the exploration process. Students benefit from the strengths and expertise of their peers who have similar interests and knowledge. Learning communities apply a regular cycle of engagement, inquiry, action research, reflection, planning and evaluation. 

  • Peer to peer learning and support
  • Promotion and development of networking opportunities
  • Professional learning including broadening of domain knowledge