Unleash the Power of a Strategic
Tuition Benefits Program

Lumerit Education can immediately transform your tuition reimbursement program into a strategic asset with world-class Net Promoter Scores.  

We offer a unique value proposition to both employers and employees/students.  Our program enhances workforce strategies while positively impacting the education experience for employees/students. The result is a dramatic ROI on tuition reimbursement benefits and greater employee satisfaction.

The idea is simple…

  • Blend world-class academic advising with personalized course progression plans.
  • Integrate hundreds of colleges and universities with thousands of regionally accredited course offerings, allowing for highly flexible course scheduling.
  • Provide support for each student throughout their college journey via a success coach.


It's a matter of resources. Most companies don’t have the time, energy, or staff to implement on their Own 

Professional Health Care Training

The core competency of Lumerit Education is academic degree planning and mapping for students. Over the last decade, we have created a system that strategically maps out a forward-looking course progression plan for students. This plan reduces time and overall cost while personalizing the experience for the employee/student.

Lumerit Education Advantages

  • 87% of our degree plan audits result in a faster path to graduation for employees

  • Greater employee satisfaction on education experience

  • Professional studies track aligned with domain experience

  • Ability to customize the college curriculum to your organization

  • Lower costs to the Company

  • Greater ROI on tuition spends

  • The ability to implement a national education strategy with more than 300+ colleges and universities

  •  Higher graduation rates

  • Increased employee retention rates


Join the growing number of corporate partnerships who are seeking more than a tuition reimbursement program