Applying strategy to the education process results in higher graduation rates, faster time to completion, and much lower costs.

Step One: The Lumerit Spotlight™

The Lumerit Spotlight™ is a learning tool designed to identify student reasoning abilities in four different types of critical thinking. This helps our Academic Advisors optimize Lumerit’s Degree Accelerator™ by discovering the best credit-earning methods for each student. Each critical thinking aspect is analyzed to understand how the student best learns and is used to build a custom degree plan and coursework selection allowing students to earn credits faster and with greater success.

Step two: The Degree Consultation and Report™

Our Academic Advising team will speak to your employee/student several times. Equipped with the information from the Lumerit Spotlight™ along student preferences and goals, our Academic Advisers will build a degree plan custom for each employee.

Imagine how much effort and attention your organization would apply if business expenses rose at the same rate as college tuition.

Step Three: Degree Manager™

Each employee/student will have access to their own secure dashboard that maps their individually customized course progression and course timing. The Degree Manager™ includes both a Degree Plan and Course Timing module that makes it simple for the employee/student to follow.

Students who take an active role in customizing their degree path are four times as likely to graduate than students who follow the standard path from the course catalog.

Step Four: Course Selection

Lumerit Scholars™ have more options than traditional students. As curators of academic course content, students have access to the same type of course in many different formats.

Our "Smart Library" holds thousands of courses to allow the perfect recommendation for each student. We have mapped over 10,000 students to hundreds of colleges.