Your Investment Empowers Students

At Lumerit Education, we believe every students story is unique and that each student requires a personalized education. We work tirelessly to inspire the next generation of leaders by reshaping the higher education experiences they employ.

The Core Foundation, Reston Virginia, offers three tax-deductible funds to support student education needs:

Lumerit Education Fund

Grants for academically qualified Lumerit Scholars with high financial aid need; 100% of funds helps defray the costs of higher education.

Magnet Schools of America Fund

Lumerit is endeavoring to help magnet school students who seek to become Lumerit Scholars. This fund helps a diverse set of magnet students achieve success in their education.

Unbound / Worldview Education Fund

Lumerit Scholar's Unbound community is focused on faith-based education experiences.

100% of funds contributed goes directly to the students. Please direct any scholarship fund questions to (855) 815-6392, ext. 2. Thank you for your investment in the next generation.