Transform your Tuition Assistance Program (TAP)
into a Strategic Asset

Lumerit works with some of the largest  corporations in America who have added the Lumerit Scholar™ program and our Central Registrar's Office™ to transform their Tuition Assistance Programs and enhance employee development.  

When using our Central Registrar's Office™ to construct a degree completion plan, 87% of employees found a faster, more convenient and cost effective plan to graduate from the college or university of their choice.  As a result, corporate employees have rewarded Lumerit with world-class net promoter score for its work in transfer credit planning, success coaching and its Central Registrar's Office.™

With the power of a  Central Registrar’s Office™ a Global Digital Classroom™ and a network of more than 800 of colleges and universities,  employers have a powerful resource to strategically enhance and scale their employee retention programs. 

Corporate employees access our Central Registrar's Office™ to create a course by course degree plan to allow the employee a faster and more convenient and lower cost pathway way to complete their degree while  enjoy a savings of tens of thousands of dollars. Corporations benefit as well through a more effective spend of their tuition assistance benefits.  

Our Lumerit Scholar™ program enhances employee engagement and positively impacts their education experience. This results in a dramatic ROI on tuition assistance programs and outstanding employee satisfaction, measured by world class net promoter scores.

The idea is simple…

  • A Central Registrar’s Office™  offers employees the tools and resources to construct a course by course progression degree plan.
  • A Global Digital Classroom with thousands of college course offerings allows employees to have highly flexible course scheduling at a fraction of the cost of direct alternatives.
  • Each employees has a personalized student learning portal with ongoing support — measured by world-class Net Promoter scores.


The lack of access to the tools, resources and knowledge places the consumer in a position of weakness - resulting in overpaying for their college degree

Professional Health Care Training

When corporations add the Lumerit Scholar™ and Central Registrar's Office™ as a resource, they are experience a new type of   Education they have access to more than 800 colleges and universities.

The Central Registrar’s Office™  draws data from our Global Digital Classroom™ which contains thousands of different credit sources to develop customized course-by-course  degree plans for employees. We take into account employee learning styles, goals, available time, employer benefits, major, and other important life situations. And we do this for thousands of employees and more than 750 colleges and universities. 

Lumerit Scholar™ Advantages

  • 87% of our degree plan audits result in a faster path to graduation for employees

  • Greater employee satisfaction as measured by world class net promoter scores 

  • Professional studies track aligned with domain experience

  • Ability to customize the college curriculum to support your organization's visions and goals

  • The ability for corporations to scale and implement a national education strategy with more than 800 colleges and universities

  • Lower costs for the Company and Employee - including the elimination of debt for the employee

  • Faster completion of graduation requirements

  • Employee development can be integrated into course progression plans

  • Increased employee retention rates


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